I started at HILO back in September 2021 as their Podcast and Video Coordinator where I produced and edited several episodes for their two podcasts called Tenant Experience Network (TEN) and space_bar.
TEN is a podcast that features conversations with leading CRE professionals on the impact technology has on tenant experience in the built world. This episode features David Abrams, host of TEN and Co-founder & CEO of HILO, and Jon Love, CEO at Kingsett Capital.​​​​​​​
This podcast is a space for narratives by real people sharing real stories about how they’re feeling about returning to work. This episode I produced and edited features Maya Morrow, host of space_bar, and Morgan Hamilton, a Social Strategist at AntiSocial Solutions, a Thinkingbox Company.
Another personal favourite episode that I edited was this episode featuring Ben Goodman, Manager, Team Services & Communications at Abbotsford Canucks.